Too Shea

Shea Butter is the hottest ingredient used by high end cosmetic companies for good reason; it is a superb moisturizer! Most of the products on the market contain only a small amount of Shea and it is usually a refined product. Our Too Shea is primarily unrefined shea butter! Unrefined Shea retains the natural healing properties which may include relief from Dry Skin, Skin Rash, Skin Peeling from tanning or mild sunburn, blemishes and wrinkles, minor burns, skin cracks, tough or rough skin (feet, heels, elbows, etc.), stretch mark prevention, insect bites, eczema and dermatitis, skin damage from radiation treatments, skin allergies such as poison ivy and poison oak. Please avoid exposure to heat and sunlight as Too Shea will melt; just like butter! Each jar contains 2.5 oz. volume. Ingredients: Unrefined Shea Butter, Liquid Shea, Almond Fragrance and natural vitamin E.
Too Shea
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